Bringing back the human connection and interaction in the big cities

Real contact, human connection

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The only thing you cannot achieve on your phone, and what no computer can do for you. Real human contact is the best experience you can encounter. Let us bring our humanity back, by creating a unique form of connection between people of all ages and nationalities. We bring the message of peace and human connection. This leads to a more personal and intimate world.

The aim of

  • Connecting society in a meaningful moment.
    Connection creates collaboration and collaboration leads to a better economy: people are more prepared to contribute to society.
    To show and raise a feeling of connectivity.
    To create equality in society, by inspiring and reaching to people.
    To spread positivity, from which people can extract inspiration in their own way. People apply this positivity to their own lives to their own preferences. creates surprising, positive initiatives in public to connect and inspire people. An expression of these initiatives is shared on the platform to enhance the impact. helps to make the world more conscious of the power of connection and inspiration.


We contribute to an important part of enhancing our social infrastructure. This leads to the following results for the people of our cities:

  • More vigor
  • Better sustainability
  • Bigger mutual collaborations
  • Stronger cohesion
  • More self-initiatives
  • Better understanding
  • And a lot more pleasure in living.


Physical contact is one of the things people need in their lives the most, just like foods and drinks. Human contact and attention have a physical and psychological effect on our health. For example, the skin reacts by creating oxytocin, the counterpart of stress hormone adrenalin. Psychological stress is stored in the body, and let go in the presence of human contact. In short, connecting to other people gives you a lot of positive energy. organizes several Eye Contact events in The Hague, that give rise to this connection in an intense and beautiful way. In the most free and approachable manner that suits you perfectly. organizes several events in which human connection plays a leading role. We want to realize this with positive initiatives. Come, and take part in our human contact!