Human connection

The only thing you cannot achieve on your phone, and what no computer can do for you. Real human contact is the best experience you can encounter. Let us bring our humanity back, by creating a unique form of connection between people of all ages and nationalities. We bring the message of peace and human connection. This leads to a more personal and intimate world.

A new world

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The Netherlands change. The extremes keep increasing. The social environment is hardening, and with this also the debate about the establishment of our society. How do we handle these open spaces and each other?

One thing is for certain: we have to solve this together.

And we have to solve this ourselves, for a more conscious world.


Blinddance back to work, school or whatever!

Blinddance back to work, school or whatever!

Oct 29, 7:30pm - Oct 29, 2:30pm

Wajid Osho Meditatie Centrum
Prins Hendrikplein 1
The Hague,  2518 JA Map

Let your mind go lose, senses go wild and body flow! We create this Sunday evening as a moment to prepare yourself for a new fresh week. Do you blinddance with us?

Feel the atmosphere without getting distracting by your eyes and mind. An evening of letting yourself go.

Reaching a meditative state where you can be who you want to be and be with who you want to be. Even if that is with yourself!

Before you walk into the blinddance space you will get blindfolded. The only moment when you put the blindfold of is when you are not in the blinddance room. We start of all together to initiate the space. After this short moment we will let you go lose on your own adventure.

There are a couple spacekeepers without blindfolds to take care of you. They will guide you to put your blindfold on, if you need some personal assistance or if you need to go to the toilet. goal is to connect and inspire people. We think blinddance is an amazing way to be with others and yourself!

Send a mail to to receive payment information to reserve your place. This event has limited space, so please reserve as soon as possible.

Presale: 7,50 euro per person. If you reserve for two people, 6 euro per person.
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