Power yoga and classic mat pilates

Esther first encountered the philosophy of yoga in her teens because of a difficult home situation. She decided to get rid of all emotional baggage in her body and started her yoga path to ‘enlightenment’. At that time she didn’t know that this would be yoga yet.

Esther has practiced many different sports throughout her life. During (and unconsciously long before) her competitive ballroom career, Esther was missing the conscious connection between body and mind. From this loss she came in contact with power yoga and classic mat pilates. Two styles that are close to the sports mentality in terms of the physical approach, but which focus on the connection between body and mind. She is educated in classical mat pilates and yang yoga, with a focus on power yoga.

At the festival Esther takes you into the powerful and dynamic form of power yoga. We will practice vinyasa cycles and a series of powerful postures that are all performed on the rhythm of the breath for a strong and healthy body.