Hatha, Yin-Yang and therapeutic yoga

Lana is passionate about sharing the wisdom of yoga with you. In her experience, yoga is all about finding balance and discovering yourself. She got in touch with yoga in her teenage years, initially as a physical practice that she felt made her move with more awareness in her body. Gradually, she also discovered how yoga affected her at the mental level. She learned about yoga philosophy when she traveled through India and Nepal, where a whole new world opened up for her. Yoga has become a way of living in which she can find balance, love and freedom.

Her yoga classes consist of an integrated practice of breathing, movement and mindset. You move into a gently challenging flow with mindful awareness, and is open to any level. Individual adjustments are always possible, as Lana’s aim is to guide all yogis in their personal process. She will encourage you to listen to your body and heart and to do what helps you to find balance.

At the festival, Lana will be giving a workshop on yoga therapy. Yoga therapy is about self-care, which you can find through awareness of your own patterns and developing a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Do you want to discover how yoga therapy may help you? Feel welcome to join!