Hatha & Aerial

Interested in yoga because of the tranquillity and awareness Larissa started an aerial yoga teacher training in 2015.  This is where here path towards becoming a yoga teacher started. Yoga for her is, next to the physical strain and relaxing, a means of creating some time for herself. Being embodied en being more aware of challenges and possibilities, makes that one knows oneself better. Physical as well as spiritual.

Meanwhile her path led her to choosing a more in depth and intensive yoga course. She still learns every single day. If she has practised yoga, she feels grounded, calm and in the present. From this position she can make better choices during the rest of the day, thus creating a more natural balance between work and private situations.

Yoga teaches you to swing back and forth on the rhythms of life, from a stable base. That stable base is you! And by practising yoga, by means of stillness, you can fortify that base. On the festival Larissa will teach you to swing on the rhythms of life, in a sportive and playfull way!