What is Yin yoga?Yin yoga

Yin Yoga what is it all about? Let me tell you a story about how I fell in love with Yin yoga and what I found out about this wonderful form of Yoga along the way. I practiced Yin Yoga for the first time while I was living in Singapore, studying for my masters. To combat the stress I started Yoga. I was all about the vinyasa/power yoga to begin with. Until one day I stumbled into a Yin Yoga class and the rest is history.

Life energy

Yin yoga was developed in the late seventies in the USA. Brought into the world by Paulie Zink’s combination of Martial arts + Yoga, called Monkey Kong Fu. Later this form of yoga was developed and popularized by the famous Yin teachers Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers. stretches the body in a passive way as it targets the connective tissues in the fascia. Fascia is a strong but thin layer of connective tissue connecting everything inside of the body. It is rapped around the muscles, the ligaments, the organs, the bones, the spine and the brain. Through this fascia flows our prana/ chi, our so called life energy. The aim of Yin Yoga is to increase the (energetic) circulation of this life energy throughout the body, improve flexibility, at the same time calming the mind.

The art of letting go

Through I learned to really listen to my body and the subtle art of letting go. For a yoga form that requires you to stay in a pose, between 3 to 7 minutes or longer, slowing down like this stirred up quite a lot for me. In Yin I felt not only my physical body, I got in touch with my emotions as well.

The Power of YinYin yoga

Why is Yin yoga so powerful/ Why should we practice it? It is through the conscious act of allowing ourselves to slow down through which we engage the parasympathetic nervous system, or in easier words ‘the rest and digest mode’ of our body. It’s in this space in which deep healing can occur on a cellular ánd mental level. It’s only when you slow down, that you can see and feel what is really going on. I believe that  is thé antidote to our always active and alert lifestyles, it rests and recharges our batteries that will otherwise always run on half empty.

Yin with us at the festival!!

Namasté, Fi