Marco creates an environment of trust, excitement and playfulness. Out from his background in coaching, improvisation theatre and Capoeira, he teaches you to explore movement and working together. Focused on discovering your own way to raise your self confidence and have fun while doing this.

Playing airplane together. A great work-out, good for a strong ‘core’ and ‘back’. And a challenge in touch, trust and teamwork. In 2014 Marco discovers that acroyoga was his kind of yoga, which he shares with everyone. In 2018 he became a teacher in Barcelona.

On the Festival you will experience how it is to be lifted by the base. From there take on all kinds of different dynamic and acrobatic positions. It doesn’t matter at all if you don’t have any specific background. Acroyoga is not how strong or flexible you are. It is a challenge in trust and allowing someone else to work with you.