Mindfulness has grown in popularity in recent years. You can find mindfulness courses on every corner of the street now, often focusing on stress reduction. That’s great, because mindfulness is very effective indeed. But … did you know that mindfulness is in fact just a small part of yoga? Yoga is a holistic way of living that includes all kinds of practices that as a whole promote health and well-being. And that is much more than just mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation

How exactly does it work? In the yoga sutras, the texts describing yoga philosophy, you will find various forms of meditation, including mindfulness meditation. meditation simply means: bringing your attention to the moment and noticing what happens without judgement. This is not at all simple, which you will notice too when you try. itself is therefore quite a challenge.

A holistic practiceMore than mindfulness

But in yoga there are many more forms of meditation, and on top of that more practices that alltogether promote a healthy balance in body and mind in a more effective and complete way. Ironically, applying all those aspects together, such as self-reflection, yoga postures and breathing exercises, makes it easier to understand and integrate into your life. This holistic practice is much stronger than taking one aspect on its own, as all parts of the process reinforce each other.

A tip of the iceberg

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with mindfulness. Try a few exercises and see how you can apply it in daily life. But don’t forget that is part of yoga, and when you start practicing, realize that it is just  a tip of the iceberg. Imagine what you can learn when you look at the whole picture!

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Lana Donse